Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (2024)

D.J. Moore welcomes Keenan Allen and Rome Odunze: The two new receivers are great for the Chicago Bears offense in general but not great for Moore’s fantasy value.

Caleb Williams could take Moore to new heights: Quarterback play has consistently held Moore’s production back but that might no longer be the case.

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The player profile series gives the most in-depth view of a player possible using the best data points at PFF’s disposal to look at how good the player has performed, what competition the player has for touches, and how other teammates and coaches will impact each player's performance.

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Player performance

Moore shined as a rookie in 2018 with the Carolina Panthers and has slowly but surely improved. His fantasy value was always a question mark with the Panthers given the quarterback situation and offense in general. He never caught more than four touchdowns until 2022, when he caught seven, but his yards per game were remarkably low.

A trade to the Chicago Bears helped him significantly. His PFF receiving grade was consistently between 73.0 and 80.0 until last season. His target rate was a little lower in part because of how often Justin Fields would hold onto the ball, but he set a career-low in drops and a career-high in explosive plays and yards per route run. He earned a positive grade at the highest rate of his career as well as avoided a negative grade at the highest rate.

Moore recently ranked 12th in our wide receiver rankings heading into the 2024 season. Moore could be even better, but it’s been hard to know for sure given the quarterback play throughout his career. The highest-graded quarterback Moore has played with is Fields, and he’s likely a backup this season. Most of the quarterbacks he played with in Carolina became backups once they joined another team.

Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (2)

Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (3)

Competition for touches

The big reason for concern for Moore in 2024 is his competition for touches went up significantly. Last season, the Bears had six other wide receivers with at least 50 routes run, and none of them had a PFF receiving grade above 60.0. Over five years in Carolina, he had nine teammates with at least 100 routes, and Curtis Samuel earned the highest grade with a 72.5 mark.

Moore is among the top-five wide receivers in targets over the past five seasons, and now he’s teammates with Keenan Allen, who also ranks in the top five. Allen has a better PFF receiving grade, higher target rate and more yards per route run over the last three seasons. Allen is 32 years old, so Moore is still expected to be the Bears' top receiver, but Allen is instantly the best wide receiver Moore has played with in the NFL since he signed.

Chicago also added Rome Odunze in the first round of the NFL draft. Odunze was the third overall wide receiver in this draft but would likely have been first in either of the previous two drafts. He is probably the second-best wide receiver Moore has ever played with behind Allen, and there is a chance Odunze surpasses Allen this year.

Moore will keep his elite potential in any given week, but his odds of being a top-24 or top-36 wide receiver in any given week have gone down, which will lead to fewer fantasy points per game. If Allen or Odunze suffer an injury, that will likely mean a signficant increase in target share for the two healthy receivers.

If there is one bright point, Allen isn’t as good when he’s double-covered compared to other elite receivers. With the other talent Chicago has at receiver, he should be double-covered less often.

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Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (5)

Impact of teammates

The other big concern for Moore outside of the wide receiver competition is Shane Waldron. While Waldron has experience with multiple great receivers in D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, the Seattle Seahawks have consistently been among the worst teams on plays per game. If that continues, that’s bad news for everyone on the Bears offense.

While those are two big red flags compared to last season, the one piece of good news is Caleb Williams. The first overall pick in the draft should be the best quarterback Moore’s played with. If Williams has a rookie year like C.J. Stroud, that could go a long way in counteracting the two big negatives in target share and plays per game. If he has a rookie year more like Bryce Young, then this could be Moore’s worst fantasy season.

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Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (7)

Bottom line

Moore finished WR6 last season. Significant target share has driven his ADP all the way down to WR18, which is warranted. Another top-10 season is well within reach if Caleb Williams plays well or one of the new receivers suffers an injury, but there is also a scenario where he has his worst fantasy performance to date.

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  • Numbers are either by season or based on the last three years. For rookies, only college numbers are included. For non-rookies, only NFL numbers are included, even if they played in college in the last three years.
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Fantasy Football Player Profile 2024: Chicago Bears WR D.J. Moore (2024)
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