Paragon Of Sin - Chapter 1662 1655: Aftermath of an Impoverished Galaxy (5) Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 1662 1655: Aftermath of an Impoverished Galaxy (5)

The Minor Elysium, with Su Mei at the helm, acted as transport for the galaxy's greatest experts and forces, placing them within divided sections or connected sections of the Secret Realm within the ship. They were housed in extravagantly crafted palaces with gorgeous environments enriched with high-quality solar essence, and under the guard of armored cultivators that brandished the Neo-Dawn Empire's insignia.

There were troubles caused within the Minor Elysium despite the numerous experts that were picked up. The Minor Elysium was truly like a shadow as it appeared and disappeared across the Minor and Major Regions of the No-Name Galaxy without worrying about cost and at extraordinary speeds. Even those who found themselves lost in the Void-Blank Space between starfields or stellar regions were carefully brought on board with celebrated and appreciative attitudes. No one was neglected or forgotten.

Two days might seem short, yet the Minor Elysium's ability to hop through the void using Void Portals was capable of completing the task, shocking not just the galaxy's experts who were brought on board, but the Sages who were observing it skirt across the galaxy with sheer ease. They could sense the abundance of pure Void Energy being expended with each jump, and they couldn't even begin to calculate the expense for completing the task.

It seemed their decision to seek out the assistance of the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor was correct. While they couldn't talk directly to the emperor himself, they fortunately had Sage Imentet whose connections with Alchemic Saint Luo Ning were firm and sufficient.

While Sage Imentet's absence in the earlier meeting had given birth to some quiet displeasure among a few Sages, her actions of getting the Neo-Dawn Empire's assistance without a lengthy discussion or rescheduling was sufficient to dissipate all their thoughts and they found her actions of networking as signs of an intelligent cultivator. If they were in her position, they would have done the same, especially after Alchemic Saint Luo Ning had played a critical role in her survival during the fight against that dastardly, vicious thief.

Finally, at the edge of the three-day deadline, the Minor Elysium finished its final trip to the Land of Manu's borders. The grand, ancient palace shone beautifully with radiantly golden solar light as the palace itself seemed to have been forged of platinum and gold bricks. It had an ancient, down-to-earth infrastructure yet a divine air that was awe-inspiring to witness.

It was incredibly enormous for a palace, roughly two hundred miles in area, resembling a mortal city. However, one could tell that there were many intricate locations within the palace, and it seemed more suited as a clan abode meant for a large group of descendants and ancestral figures rather than living quarters meant for a small number of precious individuals like the Original Dawn Palace.

The Land of Manu was normally sealed, and its glistening radiance in the night sky was often referred to as the Manu Star, giving others a sense of direction as long as its golden spark illuminated their starry skies.

"We're finally done!" Shui Fengbao shouted with a hearty stretch of his arms and back. He felt a wave of euphoric pleasure course through his body. How satisfying was it to complete a task perfectly? The red-haired Child of Fire was garbed in blazing-scarlet metallic armor emblazoned with animated flames that resembled the Soldier of War, yet there was a clear distinction due to the fiery design that stood out.

"Are we?" The blindfolded Yao Houyi sported three quivers, two on his back in an 'X' shape and one on his right hip, while he wore darkly colored leathery armor and both hands had an archer's glove. If Shui Fengbao wore the armor of infantry, then Yao Houyi wore the light armor for scouts. The duo was observing the last group walk through a golden archway that acted as an entry point.

The inside was difficult to see as a curtain of platinum light acted as a gateway and a haze of solar light covered the Land of Manu. While they could likely pierce through the veil of the Land of Manu, they didn't even try.

Young Master Shang, who came from who-knows-where, appeared with a flagon on his lips and a constantly gulping throat as if trying to satisfy an insatiable thirst. The two glanced at the young man garbed in pristine white robes with pauldrons, gauntlets, vambraces, and greaves, and while he didn't sport any armor around his torso or upper legs, he cut a heroically drunken figure.

"Bah! My Brother-in-law is so cruel!" The first words out of his mouth were complaints. The two Prime Ascendants just watched. Shui Fengbao laughed while Yao Houyi remained silent, ignoring Young Master Shang.

Wei Wuyin had left them to their own devices for nearly two months, and Young Master Shang was enjoying his time until recently when he was pulled away to be on 'standby', and then he had him accommodate the top-tier experts like an attendant. That was far beneath his status.

However, he was properly trained and was far more social than the Spirits of War or Prime Ascendants, so leaving him as the host who could attend to the passengers of the Minor Elysium over the last two days was optimal. He had almost been run ragged by these people, constantly making requests, especially after Wei Wuyin allowed 'free samples' for juniors and seniors to cultivate for the last two days.

Countless experts had a taste of 'personally concocted products' by the Neo-Dawn Alchemic Saint, and they were all hollering with praise and trying to use their status, beauty, or whatnot to meet the infamous Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor. When he let slip that he was the Brother-in-law of the Neo-Dawn Empire, there were even women who made propositions towards him. How annoying!

He drank again reflexively as a sly grin formed naturally on his face recalling those memories. The flattery and feeling were far different than in the Blessed Yri Empire, and while he couldn't quite pinpoint how, it just felt considerably better.

"Are we done?" Young Master Shang asked as he observed the ancient palace that hovered in the middle of the Dark Void like a Solar Star. From afar, it genuinely looked like a tiny Solar Star.

"We are," Yao Houyi answered. They had transported hundreds of thousands of cultivators from all over the galaxy, each with either reputable status, incredible talent, or a high cultivation base. Since this was an urgent discussion to determine the next steps to the inevitable fallout of the deprivation of their resources, some of the top-tier forces brought members of their younger generation to experience such a monumental event.

Although...this event was shrouded by tragedy and loss. Furthermore, many wanted answers. Not everyone was fully aware that the thief had detonated themselves and taken every last treasured resource with him to hell. Some were optimistic, arriving in the hopes of claiming their lost treasures by swearing oaths and providing proof of inventory. A few were here to verify if the Sages were being truthful and not trying to hoard their treasures for themselves. While they didn't have the power to handle it as a single entity, if they banded together as one, they could force a compromise.

"His Majesty is quite something," Tuo Bihan walked out, fully decked out in Spirit of War armor of a baleful red and pure white mixture that was shockingly appealing. When he arrived with an item wrapped in thick bandages on his back, resembling a heap of raw iron with a hilt, Young Master Shang took a big gulp before pulling the opening of his flagon from his lips reluctantly, saying:

"Of course he is! He's my Brother-in-law!"

Tuo Bihan bitterly smiled. Very few people understood the depths of Wei Wuyin's plans nor had an understanding of his ways, yet he was mightily effective when it came to seizing things. For example, while it seemed like this was a simple trip across the galaxy to the Blessed Yri Empire or a date across the stars with a heavenly beauty, Wei Wuyin had already transformed two entire galaxies into his Vassal States, and his influence was already permeating throughout the No-Name Galaxy, a renowned fragmented galaxy under deep contention of territory, ownership, and drenched with conflict.

Within a few months, the galaxy's conflicts had all but halted and the focus had shifted from enemies to tragic allies.

In the Myriad Yore Continent, the relationships with the Grand Imperial Sages were also complex, yet when it came to Wei Wuyin, they were all simplified and synonymous in thought, and eventually, the upper echelon of the sect became subordinate to Wei Wuyin's influence and potential on a subconscious level that even the rightful inheritor had less momentum. It was a sign of a true ruler with irresistible charisma and inscrutable thoughts. It made it difficult to not follow.

The matter of Qing Qiumu's execution coming to an abrupt halt by the mere utterance of his name despite his presence of only three years within the sect, something that not even Grand Imperial Sages could effectively achieve due to the established rules, was an indication of his ability to create and permeate influence with impeccable precision.

Now, each of those who left the Minor Elysium and into the Land of Manu was not only exposed to Wei Wuyin's extensive wealth, but his abundant generosity, and most importantly, they each had a taste or an experience of his alchemical products with their utterly ridiculous ease of refinement that far surpass normal products. Especially given the cultivation-strengthening incense that was spread throughout the Secret Realm.

He saw numerous cultivators and the juniors who they brought experience breakthroughs in their cultivation within the Secret Realm, and each breakthrough was highlighted to the others, creating an atmosphere that was hard to replicate anywhere else. The name and symbol of the Neo-Dawn Empire had already been etched in their hearts as a prosperous region.

Yet the truth of the matter was that the Neo-Dawn Empire's origins belonged to a void cage. Well, not anymore. Wei Wuyin had seized the Endless Void Mirror already as well.

"This galaxy never stood a chance," Tuo Bihan chortled.

Shockingly, Shui Fengbao nodded in agreement as if echoing each of Tuo Bihan's thoughts. When they originally arrived, Wei Wuyin acted rather low-key, but seeing his plans come to fruition and the excited eyes and words of thanks given to them by those cultivators that could be considered the foundation of the No-Name Galaxy, he knew that the galaxy was no longer divided and they had a ray of hope.

Su Mei stood at the helm of the Minor Elysium while observing the Land of Manu with a steady gaze. Cao Cuifen, Yue Songli, Qing Qiumu, and Luo Ning had already entered this place, and Wei Wuyin had yet to arrive, but when he did-when her fiancé did...she could only imagine how brilliant that moment would be.

A hint of a flawless smile formed on her lips.

Paragon Of Sin - Chapter 1662 1655: Aftermath of an Impoverished Galaxy (5) Free Read Online (2024)
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