Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (2024)

  • Jonathan Givony


    Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (1)

    Jonathan Givony


  • Jeremy Woo

Jun 27, 2024, 03:35 PM ET

For the first time in the history of the league, the NBA draft is spread out to two days, as the second round of the Class of 2024 begins at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday on ESPN.

Day 1 of the draft featured back-to-back international picks at the top of the board, the Minnesota Timberwolves trading into the top 10 and several interesting picks and trades throughout. What's in store for Day 2? Let's talk through the biggest questions heading into Round 2 and project picks Nos. 31 through 58 with an updated mock draft.

Who are the best players still available? Kyle Filipowski, Johnny Furphy, Tyler Smith and Bronny James could go early Thursday. Which team is set up to have an intriguing Round 2? And which under-the-radar prospects could turn into steals?

ESPN's Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo are here to help you navigate through these uncharted waters, with the help of their top 100 rankings. The mock draft write-ups below are from prospects' scouting reports:

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (2) NBA draft coverage:

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Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (3)

Who's the most interesting team Thursday?

Givony: The Portland Trail Blazers hold the Nos. 34 and 40 picks, giving them significant say in how the first 10 selections play out. After selecting Donovan Clingan No. 7 and trading the No. 14 pick, it's unlikely the team has two, or even one, roster spot available for whoever they pick in Round 2, which will make it interesting to see what they do with these picks. They could use a two-way contract on one of them and possibly trade another.

Woo: After the first night, the Indiana Pacers are still holding all three of their second-rounders -- Nos. 36, 49 and 50 -- and likely won't use all of them, making them an interesting barometer for where the value of these picks falls in this draft. The 36th pick might be a spot to roster a player they really like, or it could be a trade spot or priority two-way contract situation. The range of possible outcomes here highlights the general nature of the second round -- teams will largely be targeting players willing to take two-ways and players unwilling to take them will inevitably fall.

Who's an under-the-radar prospect you really like who's likely to be picked Thursday?

Givony: Tucked away in the WCC, Jonathan Mogbo has one of the more unique stories in this draft class. He told ESPN he was a 5-foot-9, 125-pound combo guard entering high school and had zero Division I offers when he graduated, sending him to the junior college route at 6-foot-7, 180 pounds. He transferred from Independence Community College in Kansas to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M to Missouri State before eventually landing at the University of San Francisco this summer, where he now stands 6-foot-8 and 225 pounds.

Mogbo lit up NBA teams' analytics models, filling up the stat sheet, averaging 19.5 points, 14.2 rebounds, 5.0 assists, 2.2 steals and 1.1 blocks per 40 minutes. He is intriguing to teams with his explosiveness around the rim, playmaking ability creating for others and defensive upside with his 7-foot-2 wingspan.

Woo: Ajay Mitchell of UC Santa Barbara left a good impression after his positive showing at the combine, and I'm curious to see where he lands. His playmaking feel and size are an interesting combo, he shot the ball better than expected in team workouts, and he is the type of guard who might look better alongside more talented teammates.

Which likely Round 2 pick will have the biggest impact on his team next season?

Givony: Adem Bona will have a major impact in every practice he plays in and in every minute he gets in the G League or NBA next season, as there isn't a harder playing prospect in this draft. His combination of mobility, length, power and intensity gives him considerable potential on the defensive end, as he could likely help whatever team drafts him with the way he hedges ball screens, flips his hips to recover back and protect the rim, and flies around with his 7-foot-4 wingspan and 40-inch vertical leap.

Woo: Jamal Shead has been one of the toughest floor leaders in college basketball the past few years and might find his way into bench minutes somewhere -- and potentially hang onto them. Shead has been projected by some scouts to make a Jose Alvarado-like impact as an energy player off the bench, and it wouldn't shock me if he helps some team in some capacity.

Looking at your Round 2 mock, what's your favorite team and player fit you've projected?

Givony: Juan Nunez to the San Antonio Spurs at No. 48. He is arguably the best pick-and-roll playmaker in this class. He's an absolute magician who makes creative, decisive reads and picks apart defenses with spectacular vision and flair. He'll have to improve his shooting to play heavy minutes alongside Victor Wembanyama down the road (he's likely to be stashed in the EuroLeague for the next year or two), but players with his size and playmaking aren't easy to come by, making him someone a team like the Spurs will want to draft and develop.

Woo: We have Cam Spencer coming off the board to the LA Clippers at No. 46, a situation that would make a ton of sense for both parties. Spencer, one of the draft's most intense competitors, would land on a playoff-level roster where he can play off of stars, launch 3s and immediately deliver useful spot minutes in an ideal context.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (4)

Round 2 mock draft

Last updated: Thursday at 3:35 p.m. ET

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (5)

31. Toronto Raptors (via Pistons)

Kyle Filipowski, PF/C, Duke | Age: 20.6

Strengths: Filipowski is a skilled 7-footer who can shoot, dribble and pass, giving him unique offensive versatility projecting to the next level.

Weaknesses: While he was a force at times in the ACC, his consistency as a shooter, lack of physicality and limited length protecting the rim are concerns.

The verdict: Filipowski has no shortage of offensive talent and carried the Blue Devils when he put everything together over the past two seasons. Just how consistent he can be on that end could go a long way toward assuaging concerns about his presence on defense.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (6)

32. Utah Jazz (via Wizards)

Adem Bona, C, UCLA | Age: 21.2

Strengths: Bona has some of the best physical tools in this draft with outstanding mobility, explosiveness and a 7-4 wingspan. His nonstop intensity, physicality and ability to cover ground seamlessly give him a clear role at the NBA level -- if he can improve his discipline on both ends.

Weaknesses: As well as Bona finishes lobs and covers ground defensively, he was plagued by fouls and turnovers last season and isn't the defensive rebounder you might hope due to his average feel for the game.

The verdict: The Nigerian-born big man had an up-and-down season on a disappointing UCLA team. But he has several key ingredients that should allow him to thrive in a protracted role as a finisher and switch defender as he adds more polish.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (7)

33. Milwaukee Bucks (via Trail Blazers)

Johnny Furphy, SG/SF, Kansas | Age: 19.5

Strengths: Furphy is a late-blooming swingman whose size and shooting in a complementary role changed the complexion of Kansas's season and paved his way to the draft earlier than anyone expected.

Weaknesses: The 19-year-old lacks strength, length and consistency on defense, and he is not a dynamic shooter. That's not all that surprising given his age and late rise to prominence in the summer before his freshman year.

The verdict: Furphy had some ups and downs throughout the season, but he thrived in a handful of key matchups when he was filling a small role. His size, shooting and willingness to play with intensity all work in his favor, even if he is still learning to shoot on the move and was not always strong enough to hold his own guarding in the Big 12.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (8)play

Johnny Furphy's NBA draft profile

Check out some of the top highlights from NBA draft prospect Johnny Furphy.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (9)

34. Portland Trail Blazers (via Hornets)

Tyler Kolek, PG, Marquette | Age: 23.2

Strengths: Kolek is a tough-minded guard whose skill level as a scorer and vision as a passer made him the engine of one of the top offenses in college basketball over the past two seasons.

Weaknesses: He is not the biggest nor most physically gifted floor general, lacking great length and explosiveness. That makes it difficult for him to score in traffic at times or hold his own against some matchups defensively.

The verdict: Kolek picked opposing defenses apart last season out of pick-and-rolls, whipping the ball around to shooters, getting to floaters and proving opportunistic in shooting; he hit 39% of his shots from beyond the arc. His average tools might make him divisive among NBA teams, but his approach and feel for the game will appeal to franchises looking for a backup point guard.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (10)

35. San Antonio Spurs

Cam Christie, SG, Minnesota | Age: 18.9

Strengths: Christie is a smooth sharpshooter with positional size and an intriguing frame. His feathery touch and diverse shot-making prowess from the perimeter helped him exceed expectations in a major way as an 18-year-old freshman at Minnesota.

Weaknesses: He did most of his damage away from the rim, lacking a degree of physicality as a slasher and defender.

The verdict: Christie's fluidity and scoring instincts stood out not just when spacing the floor but also running off screens and pulling up off the dribble. Couple that with his age and physical tools, and it is not hard to see why NBA teams would bet on his continued development, even if he's likely not ready to help a team as a rookie.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (11)

36. Indiana Pacers (via Raptors)

Oso Ighodaro, PF/C, Marquette | Age: 21.9

Strengths: Ighodaro is an unconventional big man whose passing and defensive versatility made him impactful on both ends of the floor for a very good Marquette team the past few seasons.

Weaknesses: His lack of perimeter shooting ability, poor length and limited physicality on the glass make him a situational roster fit for most teams that need the right players around him to thrive.

The verdict: Ighodaro's ability to handle pushing off the defensive glass, operating out of dribble handoffs, and passing and defending all over the floor could be assets in the right system. Continuing to get stronger and expanding his shooting range could simplify his fit, but his versatility and activity level give him an interesting foundation off which to build.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (12)

37. Detroit Pistons (via Timberwolves/Grizzlies)

Bobi Klintman, SF/PF, Cairns (Australia) | Age: 21.3

Strengths: Klintman is a big, versatile forward whose ability to space the floor, finish in transition and make plays on defense helped him carve out a big role in the NBL.

Weaknesses: He has things to prove with his feel for the game and consistency on both ends of the floor.

The verdict: Klintman played a rotation role in his lone collegiate season, but he flashed his talent more consistently in Australia. At his best, he fits a coveted mold with his size, shooting and mobility on the defensive end.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (13)

38. New York Knicks (via Jazz)

Jonathan Mogbo, PF/C, San Francisco | Age: 22.6

Strengths: Mogbo is a late-blooming, undersized big man with a lean frame, long arms and explosive physical tools.

Weaknesses: He does not have any floor-spacing ability to speak of at this stage, which puts a lot of pressure on his ability to finish inside against bigger and stronger defenders in the NBA. Plus, his limited experience shows in his inconsistent technique on defense.

The verdict: Mogbo is a junior college product who grew late and garnered little interest out of high school. He has blossomed into a bouncy lob threat, effective slasher and out-of-area rebounder who is one of the best playmaking big men in this draft. He excels at pushing off the glass and finding teammates on the move.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (14)

39. Memphis Grizzlies (via Nets)

Jaylen Wells, SG/SF, Washington State | Age: 20.8

Strengths: Wells is a late-blooming, former Division II star whose size and shooting (42% on 3-pointers) translated in impressive fashion in his lone season at Washington State.

Weaknesses: As efficient as he was last season, Wells is still coming into his own on both ends of the floor, lacking a degree of toughness, length, versatility and feel that he'll need in order to carve out a role in the NBA.

The verdict: Wells played sparingly early last season but shot the ball so well his role continued to expand as he finished the year among the best spot-up shooters in the country. His pull-up shooting in pick-and-roll reps only add to his appeal as someone who grew considerably in high school and still has upside to tap into. He'll have a chance to outplay his draft position if he can evolve on both ends of the floor, as he's only 20 years old.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (15)

40. Portland Trail Blazers (via Hawks)

Kevin McCullar, SF, Kansas | Age: 23.2

Strengths: McCullar earned a reputation as a high-level utility wing over his five seasons in college, and he answered a lot of questions with his improvement offensively in his final year at Kansas before being hampered by a knee injury.

Weaknesses: While he made clear strides as a spot-up shooter, his consistency -- especially off the dribble -- still leaves something to be desired and is one of the biggest question marks. He made 31% of his 3s over his career.

The verdict: McCullar's toughness, competitiveness and versatility always showed up in his ability to guard and pass, and his improved scoring prowess and efficiency as a senior made him Kansas' most valuable player. While a knee injury ended his season early, his two-way productivity gives him a clear route to minutes on the wing if he can take another step as a shooter.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (16)

41. Philadelphia 76ers (via Bulls)

Pelle Larsson, SG, Arizona | Age: 23.3

Strengths: Larsson is a strong-framed wing with two-way versatility who contributed steadily on and off the ball as a senior in the Pac-12.

Weaknesses: He is not especially rangy on the defensive end or dynamic with the ball, despite making contributions as a playmaker on both ends of the floor. He has questions to answer in those areas projecting to the NBA level, as well as with his reluctance to take open jumpers at times, despite hitting an excellent 43% of his attempts.

The verdict: Larsson played a key role for an Arizona team that earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. He scored efficiently, made smart and unselfish decisions as a secondary ball handler and used his physicality and smarts on the defensive end. He has excellent role-player potential, provided he can prove his outside shooting will translate to the NBA level.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (17)

42. Charlotte Hornets (via Rockets)

Justin Edwards, SG/SF, Kentucky | Age: 20.5

Strengths: Edwards was a highly touted prep prospect who found his footing once expectations recalibrated in his freshman season. He shot the 3 well (36.5%) and saw the game slow down for him on both ends of the floor.

Weaknesses: He struggled for large parts of the season, as he's a good (but not great) athlete with a 6-foot-10 wingspan and average floor game, which put a lot of pressure on his jump shooting and inconsistent defense.

The verdict: Edwards might not have had the most consistent season, but in his best moments, he made an impact on offense and defense with the type of size, length and pedigree that is hard to come by. Even if it is as a role player, there's room for optimism about what kind of player he could grow into if he puts everything together.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (18)

43. Miami Heat

Jamal Shead, PG, Houston | Age: 21.9

Strengths: Shead is one of the winningest players in this draft class -- he went 120-18 in his college career. His defensive intensity, unselfish passing and competitiveness give him upside as a backup point guard.

Weaknesses: He lacks in size and consistency as a shooter. Shead, however, set the tone for Houston last season, helping them earn the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

The verdict: Shead brings similar intangibles that allowed T.J. McConnell and Jose Alvarado to stick in the league despite lacking elite physical tools or scoring. His ability to manage a game while putting opposing guards through the wringer gives him a clear niche he can fill in the NBA, and he'll have a chance at a role if he can improve his shooting.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (19)

44. Atlanta Hawks (via Rockets/Warriors)

Ajay Mitchell, PG, UC Santa Barbara | Age: 22.0

Strengths: Mitchell is a big, creative guard who excels operating in the pick and roll, showing ability as a passer and midrange scorer.

Weaknesses: He plays with pace more than explosiveness and has questions to answer regarding the lack of volume as an outside shooter throughout his career. He hit just 63 3-pointers in 85 games (33%).

The verdict: Mitchell was the best player in the Big West despite playing through injuries. The Belgian guard backed up his standing with a strong showing running his team at the NBA combine and has several key ingredients teams are looking for from a backup with his size, feel for the game, willingness to defend, unselfishness and budding shot-making prowess.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (20)

45. Toronto Raptors (via Kings)

Harrison Ingram, SF/PF, North Carolina | Age: 21.5

Strengths: Ingram is a long and strong swingman whose versatility, feel for the game and improvement as a spot-up shooter made him an indispensable player for the Tar Heels.

Weaknesses: While Ingram checks a lot of boxes with his 7-foot wingspan and 3-point shooting (39% last season), he is a good but not great athlete who struggled to finish inside the arc (45% on 2-point shots) throughout his college career. He is only a 62% free throw shooter, raising questions about just how consistent of a perimeter threat he can become in the long term.

The verdict: Ingram is a terrific rebounder, heady passer and capable shot-maker who stuffed the stat sheet and came up big in several high-profile games last season. He has the tools to hold his own defensively and has appeal as a role player, especially if he can take the next step with his shooting.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (21)

46. LA Clippers (via Pacers)

Cam Spencer, SG, UConn | Age: 24.2

Strengths: Spencer is a first-team All-Big East player whose shot-making diversity, passing acumen and feel for the game made him a key cog in UConn's national championship run.

Weaknesses: Already 24 years old, Spencer is not particularly tall, long or explosive, getting by on toughness and instincts at the college level defensively. That might not translate as seamlessly to the NBA, as he has limited physical tools.

The verdict: Spencer is an excellent off-screen shooter whose consistency pulling up off the dribble puts added pressure on defenses as he constantly moves without the ball. His competitiveness, skill level and experience were huge assets for the Huskies last season and often overshadow his physical limitations, which are nonetheless questions he'll have to answer in the NBA on both ends of the floor.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (22)play

Cam Spencer's NBA draft profile

Check out some of the highlights that make UConn's Cam Spencer an intriguing draft prospect.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (23)

47. Orlando Magic

Melvin Ajinca, SG/SF, Saint-Quentin (France) | Age: 19.9

Strengths: Ajinca is a promising role player coming off a solid season in Pro A France. He had several impactful stretches, finding his range impressively and bringing great energy on the defensive end of the floor.

Weaknesses: While Ajinca has run red-hot at times, his consistency as a shooter is critical (career 32% mark from 3-point range). He has an even wingspan and lacks great ballhandling and the playmaking ability to consistently create his own shot. He will also have some lapses at times on the defensive end.

The verdict: Ajinca improved his standing considerably at the FIBA U19 World Cup last summer, flashing dynamic shot-making prowess and bringing aggressiveness on both ends of the floor. He did that in spurts in Saint-Quentin last season and has intrigue when he puts everything together offensively. He's young, with his 20th birthday on June 26.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (24)

48. San Antonio Spurs (via Lakers)

Juan Nunez, PG, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany) | Age: 20.0

Strengths: Nunez brings rare creativity, vision and flair to the point guard position, as his shooting, defense and decision-making continue to evolve.

Weaknesses: He made strides with his pull-up jumper last season, but he is limited in spots by his difficulties keeping defenders honest away from the rim and lack of great burst.

The verdict: Nunez built on the minutes he received at last year's FIBA World Cup for Spain, showing growth in several areas in the EuroCup and BBL. While he still has some things to prove, he's one of the draft's best playmakers and has excellent size, strength and feel for the game that could prove valuable in a backup role.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (25)

49. Indiana Pacers (via Cavaliers)

Tyler Smith, SF/PF, G League Ignite | Age: 19.6

Strengths: Smith was a bright spot for G League Ignite last season, as his inside-outside scoring ability made him extremely productive on a per-minute basis. He averaged 13.7 points and 5.1 rebounds in 22 minutes per game

Weaknesses: He had a more difficult transition defensively and has room to improve his feel for the game.

The verdict: Smith thrived in a simplified role, shooting the 3 consistently with a high-release point and putting several defenders on posters attacking in a straight line or finishing lobs. While the 19-year old remains raw in some areas, his combination of youth, size and scoring ability is intriguing.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (26)

50. Indiana Pacers (via Pelicans)

Antonio Reeves, SG/SF, Kentucky | Age: 23.5

Strengths: Reeves is a dynamic shooter who made 45% of his 3-pointers last season, ranking among the most productive and efficient scorers in the country as a fifth-year senior at Kentucky.

Weaknesses: At age 23, he lacks physicality on the defensive end and is not much of a playmaker or passer.

The verdict: Reeves might not be the most versatile two-way player, but he was as diverse a shot-maker as there was in college basketball last season. There's an obvious niche for him to fill as a bench scorer, and he could have some upward mobility if he can find a way to hold his own defensively, especially off the ball.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (27)

51. New York Knicks (via Wizards)

Nikola Djurisic, SG/SF, Mega MIS (Adriatic League) | Age: 20.3

Strengths: Djurisic is a physically gifted wing who scored in bunches late in the 2023-24 season to give himself momentum in the draft process.

Weaknesses: With an even wingspan and just an average feel for the game, he will face questions about his defensive potential and will need to show more consistency with his decision-making and 3-point shooting to carve out a niche at the next level.

The verdict: After finding mixed results early in the year, Nikola Topic's departure opened the door for Djurisic to take on a playmaking role for Mega Basket, where he excelled and played the best basketball of his career in a winning context. His size, athletic ability and scoring talent are undeniable, and he has upside to grow into at just 20 years old.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (28)

52. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Warriors/Bucks)

KJ Simpson, PG, Colorado | Age: 21.8

Strengths: Simpson is an undersized, creative scoring guard who took a huge step forward in his junior season, propelling Colorado to two NCAA tournament wins. Simpson's efficiency rose despite carrying a significant load, making shots in bunches from all over the floor with his outstanding scoring instincts.

Weaknesses: While a good athlete, he lacks great size and has average length and strength. He frequently gives up size defensively on most nights, which might be a bigger issue at the next level.

The verdict: Simpson, one of the most improved players in college basketball last season, is a terrific ball handler with good speed, reliable mechanics as a pull-up shooter and deft touch on his floater. His intensity on defense gives him a fighting chance when paired with his offensive gifts and could help compensate for his small stature.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (29)

53. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Pistons/Knicks)

Jalen Bridges, SF, Baylor | Age: 23.1

Strengths: Bridges is a physically gifted forward who shot 42% from 3-point range as a senior and possesses a well-built frame and 6-10 wingspan, giving him strong potential as a multi-positional 3-and-D wing.

Weaknesses: While he has ingredients to work with defensively, he is still learning how to avoid miscues on both ends of the floor and is not a great ball handler or passer.

The verdict: Bridges made a huge leap as a spot-up threat last season and will likely hang around the NBA for a long time if he can continue to make shots at a strong rate. He might not add much on the ball and has some things to prove defensively, but he has an obvious role to fill at a position of significant need among NBA teams.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (30)

54. Boston Celtics (via Mavericks)

Keshad Johnson, PF, Arizona | Age: 23.0

Strengths: Johnson is a strong, explosive, energetic and highly competitive big man whose perimeter shooting and passing improvement as a fifth-year senior have simplified his fit at the NBA level.

Weaknesses: Johnson is undersized for a power forward without great length to compensate and is not adept at creating his own shot. The small sample of 3-point makes and his career 64% free throw shooting raise questions about how consistent of a shooter he can become in the long term.

The verdict: Johnson was among the best defenders in college basketball, tasked with guarding up and down the floor for Arizona. His versatility and toughness give him a niche he can build off in the NBA, provided he can provide ample floor spacing.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (31)

55. Los Angeles Lakers (via Clippers)

Bronny James, PG/SG, USC | Age: 19.7

Strengths: James is an explosive guard with strong defensive versatility whose upward trajectory out of high school was interrupted by a medical emergency that derailed his freshman season. He underwent a procedure last summer to repair a congenital heart defect and was cleared to be drafted by the NBA's Fitness to Play Panel.

Weaknesses: James did not have an overly productive season at USC, averaging just 4.8 points per game. Standing just under 6-foot-3 in shoes, he is not a dynamic ball handler or shot-creator, lacking assertiveness at times.

The verdict: James made strides as a senior in high school and had impressive showings in the spring all-star circuit, but he had a difficult time finding his footing at USC, especially as a scorer. His strong feel for the game, length, frame, budding shot-making prowess and competitiveness defensively give him plenty of things to work with in the long term if he can get back on the encouraging track he was on before his cardiac arrest.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (32)play

Bronny James' road to the 2024 NBA draft

Take a trip down memory lane and relive Bronny James' young career ahead of the 2024 NBA draft.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (33)

56. Phoenix Suns (via Nuggets)

Ulrich Chomche, PF/C, NBA Academy Showcase (Africa) | Age: 18.4

Strengths: Chomche is a young, inexperienced big man with massive defensive potential, thanks to his 7-4 wingspan, exceptional frame and mobility.

Weaknesses: Most of his experience has come at the junior level, as he spent last season at the NBA Academy Africa.

The verdict: While Chomche remains green offensively, he has a lot of things that can't be taught. He has flashed ability as a passer and shooter, which could be developed into more consistent traits down the road. The Cameroon native is far from being ready to help an NBA team, but he is interesting for a team that believes in its player development system.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (34)

57. Memphis Grizzlies (via Thunder)

Enrique Freeman, PF/C, Akron | Age: 23.9

Strengths: Freeman is a lanky former walk-on turned walking double-double who competes with infectious energy and flashed some potential as a jump-shooter to cap his career at Akron.

Weaknesses: Playing mostly as a small-ball center in college, Freeman will need to make strides with his shooting as he likely transitions to guarding smaller players with his 212-pound frame.

The verdict: Freeman has a terrific backstory and grew into one of the best big men in the mid-major ranks over his five-year collegiate career. While his activity level and 7-2 wingspan are significant assets, showing he has the ability to take the next step, diversify his offensive repertoire, and defend different positions along the perimeter would solidify his standing as a pro.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (35)

58. Dallas Mavericks (via Celtics)

Ariel Hukporti, C, Melbourne (Australia) | Age: 22.2

Strengths: Hukporti is a chiseled, mobile center who emerged as the most productive rebounder in this class on both ends of the floor on a per-minute basis.

Weaknesses: He is not particularly skilled away from the rim or comfortable guarding in space, living off his energy more than a great feel for the game. Injuries have been a concern and have limited his ability to participate in much of the pre-draft process.

The verdict: Hukporti had a highly productive season in the NBL, showing his ability to rim-run, finish lobs, corral rebounds and block shots at a strong rate. His reach and energetic style of play make him a fit at the end of an NBA bench.

Jonathan Givony is an NBA draft expert and the founder and co-owner of, a private scouting and analytics service used by NBA, NCAA and international teams.

Jeremy Woo is an NBA analyst specializing in prospect evaluation and the draft. He was previously a staff writer and draft insider at Sports Illustrated.

Round 2 mock draft: Best fits for Filipowski, Spencer, Furphy, Bronny (2024)
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