Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (2024)

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  • S Tier – Sentinal, Skora and Rieve.
  • A Tier – Diago, Imara Vex and Zaina.
  • B Tier – Slingshot, Grozz and Aran Tal.

The game has finally dropped, after years of anticipation, and so far it is managing to live up to the hype. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the game is that the developers have succeeded in making a range of interesting and well-balanced characters. Each one has unique abilities and encourages different play styles, and, most importantly of all, none are game-breaking overpowered or exploitable. Because of this there will be no F tier in our list, and keep in mind that the difference between S tier and D tier is significant but not huge.

We decided to break down our tier list by character type. There are three main character, or hunter, types in the game. These are:

  • Damage hunters – intended to maximise damage and kills to the opponent team.
  • Tank hunters – used to draw fire and hold command points with incredibly high health.
  • Support hunters – primarily used to heal the other character types, though can cause some damage too.

We’ll be fully ranking the characters in each of these categories, as well as placing them in our tier list. Let’s get into it.

Best damage characters in Star Wars Hunters

1. Rieve – S tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (1)
AbilitiesSelf-heal, Lightsaber throw, Wild defence
Passive moveVicious leap
UltimateCrushing will

Rieve is handily the best the damage class has to offer, with an excellent balance of attack, defence and speed. Wielding a lightsaber she is a melee character but with her throw ability, this can be changed and offers a vital range attack. The ability to return enemy bullets to the sender means she can avoid damage and inflict it in one go too. As with other melee characters in Star Wars Hunters, she does have quite a high skill ceiling, and new players using her for the first time might find themselves overwhelmed. With enough practice and a knowledge of her best tactics, however, she can dominate matches.

2. Diago – A tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (2)
AbilitiesProximity mine, Heightened senses
Passive moveEscape plan
WeaponSlugthrower rifle
UltimatePiercing rounds

Diago sits atop A-tier as the king of ranged attacks. With the ability to detect incoming enemies, deploy proximity mines and a powerful sniper rifle slung over his shoulder, the best game plan the take advantage of his strengths is to keep your distance. His grapple hook passive move helps with this, allowing for a speedy retreat. You can easily be caught out, and as soon as an enemy is within striking distance, any 1v1 is hard to win. This makes Diago another tactical character, one which requires skill and a good knowledge of the game and its maps to really shine.

3. Imara Vex – A Tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (3)
Passive moveTracking scan, Missile launcher
WeaponBlaster rifle
UltimateSeeker salvo

Imara Vex is another great all-round character and a good one for beginners to get their teeth into. She too has a grapple hook ability. True to Star Wars form, higher ground is often vital in matches, and the ability to hook up to a different level at speed is a useful one. Her Ultimate is also one of the few which are effectively passive. Once activated she launches missiles that are guided towards any enemies in her eyesight, this frees you up to focus on other things, even while activating and using your most powerful ability.

4. Aran Tal – B tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (4)
AbilitiesBlastback, Tals’ breath, Air assault
Passive moveN/A
WeaponDual blaster pistols
UltimateFury of clan Tal

Aran Tal’s biggest advantage is his jet pack. Not only does this offer excellent agility in all directions, but also, uniquely, he is able to use his mode of transport as a weapon. His Ultimate ability douses a large area in flames and is formidable. The biggest downside of this character is actually nothing to do with gameplay at all. In order to have access to Aran Tal and to enjoy his benefits players must buy an Arena Pass for $9.99.

5. Utooni – C tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (5)
AbilitiesSwitcheroo, Hands off, Ion imploder
Passive moveSurprise!
WeaponPulse blaster and Arc caster
UltimateScrap cannon

True to his class, Utooni is all about dealing damage and the brothers’ biggest strength is that they have decent options for doing so at both long and short range. They can even inflict wounds from beyond the grave with their passive move which drops a grenade upon death. They find themselves in C-tier however, thanks to his slow speed and frustrating Hands Off ability which sees the pair themselves thrown off balance, as well as the enemies nearby.

6. J-3DI – C tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (6)
AbilitiesFaux pull, Deflecting stance
Passive movesSpare parts

J-3DI’s issue is that he is the worst in their sub-category of melee characters. The droid falls behind both Grozz and Rieve in terms of power and damage dealer, meaning they are generally the first and second choice for anyone who wants to play that style of gameplay. His Ultimate lets him down too. While it is very effective when used in the right situation, that situation is just not all quite common enough to bump him up our tier list.

Best tank characters in Star Wars Hunters

1. Sentinal – S tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (7)
AbilitiesCombat shield, Suppressing shot, Barrel slam
Passive moveN/A
WeaponE-Web heavy repeater
UltimateEmpire’s finest

Sentinal is arguably the best character in the whole game and takes his thoroughly deserved spot in the S tier. He is a sure pick here too, with impressive all-round abilities which often see him dominating matches. As the second character you unlock and the first tank, it’s a build many players will be familiar with. Like all tanks, he can take heavy damage but can dish it out also. His is Ultimate, which summons two additional stormtroopers to join the fray, is handily among the most deadly. One of his main advantages is his shield ability, which effectively further increases his health specs. What’s more, once you unlock Combat Shield you can still shoot while it is activated.

2. Slingshot – A tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (8)
AbilitiesTrickshot, Unstable shield, Scatterbomb
Passive moveRollout
WeaponTwin blaster cannons
UltimateRocket stomp!

Slingshot has the rare, but very useful, combination of high health and speed. Unlike the other tanks in the game, he is not so cumbersome, with a restored droideka offering his preferred mode of transport. His Stomp ability builds on this, not only causing a tonne of damage but also slowing down enemy players making it hard to escape and great for crowded situations. His increased speed does come at a health downside and he can take less damage than the other tanks. This makes him best for game modes that involve moving around a lot. As a result, he stands out against the other tanks who excel in game mode where holding one position is the objective.

3. Grozz – A tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (9)
AbilitiesStampede, War cry, Upheaval
Passive moveN/A
WeaponImprovised clubs
UltimateBoulder bash

The exact rating of Grozz changes a lot depending on the game mode you playing. In the likes of power control, he is one of the best, with his super high health stats and self-healing abilities making him a force to be reckoned with. However, in the more tactile game modes like team deathmatch, he starts to lag, not able to cause quite enough damage or move quickly enough to take advantage of his melee attack.

4. Charr – C tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (10)
AbilitiesRegen booster, Snare trap, Laser tether
Passive moveDig in
WeaponScatter gun
UltimateFerocious hunt

The problem with Charr is that not only is it really hard to master his gameplay, but the reward for doing so isn’t as tempting as the other character with high skill ceilings. He’s fantastic at close range, where precise inputs are a must, but flounders when further away. He is unique among the tanks in being able to lay booby traps around the map, making for some more tactical gameplay, but this doesn’t quite do enough to push him up our list.

Best support characters in Star Wars Hunters

1. Skora – S tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (11)
AbilitiesAdrenaline boost, Stim-shot
Passive moveSelf-heal
WeaponDart gun
UltimateUnstable co*cktail

Skora is another indisputable S-tier build and alongside Sentinal, one of the only really OP characters in the game. The secret to her success is her balance of healing and damage. With her fast speeds and self-healing, she can be wiley to take out and her Ultimate has the ability to change games. Unstable co*cktail creates an area in the map where friendly players are healed and enemies ones damaged at the same time. This turns any 4 vs 4 a sure win and is especially potent in game modes which concretate players in one area such as Power Control. She has a higher skill ceiling than Sentinal too. As a result, while the majority of players will have an easier time with Sentinal, a skilled Skora player is the most powerful character the game offers.

2. Zaina – A tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (12)
AbilitiesBacta bomb, Dodge roll
Passive moveCombat medic
WeaponBlaster pistol
UltimateRallying cry

Zaina is the best healer in the game with most of her characteristics focussing on this ability. Her passive move means that when her health is low, her healing powers increase, and her Rallying Cry grants all nearby teammates a significant temporary health boost. This is a great ability. It not only returns health but actually increases the maximum for nearby players, making matchups much more winnable. One downside is that she is only really useful when near other players which she can heal. When by herself she is easily overwhelmed with her slow shooting ability.

3. Sproket – D tier

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (13)
AbilitiesTargeting drone, Medical droid, Drone defense
Passive moveTurbocharged
WeaponBlaster remotes
UltimateUltra turret

For now, the community’s general consensus seems to be that Sproket needs a bit of a buff and we agree. The concept of Sproket is great, and it’s really cool to see a character controlling droids but in practice, he just doesn’t have enough strengths. There are better healers and better damages out there.In the right hands and with the right team around him, he can have his day, but as one of the last characters to unlock and among the hardest to master, most players will likely avoid him.

Star Wars Hunters best characters tier list (2024)
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