Top 6 Healthy Recipe Videos: Tiny Taco Salads, Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash & More (2024)


Top 6 Healthy Recipe Videos: Tiny Taco Salads, Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash & More (1)Dear Hungry Girl,

Recently, I saw a video for your cauliflower tater tots on Facebook... Loved it! Do you have more videos like this? Where can I find them?

Fiending for Food Videos

Top 6 Healthy Recipe Videos: Tiny Taco Salads, Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash & More (2)Hi Fiending,

So glad you loved that video! The Cheesy Cauliflower Tater Tots are one of my favorite recipes from . And yes, we have a lot more videos like this... with many more on the way! We usually debut them on Facebook; so if you haven't already liked the Hungry Girl Facebook page, do it now. After that, all of the videos are added to the Hungryvision section of the HG website. You can find it by clicking on the Videos tab at the top of the site. First, you'll see a featured video, which is usually our most recent. Underneath that are several video categories to choose from: Recipe How-Tos & Food Hacks, Snack Finds, HG Behind the Scenes, and more. Click around, and check it out! But first, check out this roundup of some of our most popular videos to date...

Tiny Taco Salads 2.0

‪1/12th‪ of recipe (1 taco salad): 73 calories, 2g total fat (1g sat. fat), 179mg sodium, 7g carbs, 1g fiber, 1g sugars, 5.5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

Wow, did people flip for this one. We posted it to Facebook last week and, within a day, it reached over 4.5 million and was shared more than 38,000 times! It truly is a great recipe: You bake wonton wrappers into little shells and fill 'em with tasty taco ingredients (guilt-free, of course). BTW, those wrappers come refrigerated and are usually stocked near the produce section, with the tofu. Watch the video, and get the full recipe here.

Clean & Hungry Brownies

‪1/9th‪ of pan (about 2 1/2" X 2 1/2"): 98 calories, 2.5g total fat (1.5g sat. fat), 225mg sodium, 22g carbs, 4.5g fiber, 4g sugars, 4.5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 3*

This recipe is also from Clean & Hungry, and it's fantastic. You really can use black beans to make fudgy brownies with under 100 calories each! Not only are they low in calories, they're also super healthy and satisfying. Watch and see how it's done. Then get the full recipe in .

Cauliflower Fried Rice

‪1/5th‪ of recipe (about 1 1/4 cups): 145 calories, 3g total fat (0.5g sat. fat), 455mg sodium, 21g carbs, 5.5g fiber, 10g sugars, 8.5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 3*

I'm obsessed with cauliflower rice; it truly is one of the best starch swaps on the planet. It takes on the flavor of whatever it's cooked with, which is why it works so well in this teriyaki-sauced stir-fry. Some people think turning cauliflower into rice is complicated, but it's super easy. Watch and learn! Full recipe here.

Zucchini-Noodle Lo Mein

1/2 of recipe (about 2 1/4 cups): 277 calories, 6.5g total fat (1g sat. fat), 633mg sodium, 24g carbs, 5.5g fiber, 15.5g sugars, 34g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

Another Chinese-food makeover featuring a clever produce switcheroo: This is lo mein made with zucchini! This is a great video because seeing the zucchini being spiralized really shows you how simple it is to do -- if you can sharpen a pencil, you can turn zucchini into noodles. Click and see! This recipe features chicken, but feel free to make a veggie-only version.

Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash

1 cup cooked strands: 42 calories, <0.5g total fat (0g sat. fat), 28mg sodium, 10g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g sugars, 1g protein -- SmartPoints® value 0*

Okay, I just about lost it the first time I realized I could make spaghetti squash in a slow cooker. Why? Because spaghetti squash is kind of a pain to prepare. If you're baking or microwaving it, you first have to slice the tough veggie in half, which is not easy. But with the slow-cooker method, you just throw the whole thing into a slow cooker and let it cook. Then you slice it open once it’s nice and soft. Wondering exactly how to turn the big yellow gourd into noodles once it's cooked? This video breaks it down... Literally! (Get the written instructions here.)

Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes

‪1/12th‪ of recipe (1 meatloaf cupcake): 150 calories, 4.5g total fat (1.5g sat. fat), 280mg sodium, 15g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugars, 12.5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

Seriously, how cute are these? They're mini turkey meatloaves made in a muffin pan, with mashed-potato "frosting" and veggie "sprinkles!" So great as a snack, or have a couple at mealtime. And they are so easy and fun to make. Kids LOVE these. Watch now, and get the full recipe here.

Which recipe videos should we make next? What do you want to see us whip up in video form? Existing HG recipes that you love... or something all-new? Click here and sound off! We just might make your idea next!

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Top 6 Healthy Recipe Videos: Tiny Taco Salads, Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash & More (9)

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Top 6 Healthy Recipe Videos: Tiny Taco Salads, Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Squash & More (2024)
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