Skillet Meatballs With Peaches, Basil and Lime Recipe (2024)

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Never On time

The 25 mins doesn't add up. Step 2 says brown the meatballs 5-7 mins, next step say 5-10 mins and then the next step is a few mins. take the top numbers that is 20 mins, that leaves just 5 mins for grating the ginger, crushing the garlic, chopping the basil, mixing the meatballs, creating the meatballs and so on.... I enjoy the NYtimes recipes, BUT, feel they don't give realistic times for making the meal, when looking to plan a day this important aspect when selecting a meal!


Unless some people are reading these recipes for the first time, or you are a short order cook at a diner, please chill out! I've been making NYT recipes for years and realize that the suggested times are just that: suggested. I automatically double the time because I'm just not that fast, and enjoy cooking rather than try to make it a race to the table.


Take a shortcut: use one pound of your preferred sausage in casings, slice into one inch thick pieces, and substitute for meatballs. Especially handy if you’re GF


This meal was a hit! A few notes, Trader Joe’s has everything you need for short cuts. I used a bag of their frozen peaches and diced those up, used their Dorot pre-portioned Ginger since I didn’t have any fresh on hand. A little trick to make the meat less dry, add a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt. I’m half northern Indian so learned early on that ground meat and plain yoghurt are a perfect combination for keeping ground meat moist to minimize dry out due to overcooking. Enjoy!


If the ingredient list shows ginger already grated, garlic already minced,fruit and onions already sliced and diced, you know the time estimate is just for cooking and assembling with everything already prepped. Some people slice and dice faster than others. Plan accordingly. That said, I too would like to see some prep time included in the estimate, for the sake of reality!


Canned peaches work great.

David Burton

I added a little bourbon ...


Added about 1/4 cup of light brown sugar before serving and it made all the difference with regard to amping up the peach flavor and balancing the cumin and lime notes.


Excellent, easy dinner! Peach, basil and pork is a great combination, and this was a new twist. We followed the recipe to the T, adding a full lime of juice at the end (since we’re not huge fans of sweet dishes) and served over Pas Thai rice noodles we had in the pantry. Would definitely make again.


Not overworking just means to mix lightly, perhaps tossing with a fork or fingertips, just to the point of being fully mixed or incorporated. Ina always talks about this. Also when shaping the balls, just shape them by rolling lightly between your palms, but not forming a tight ball. Keep it fairly “fluffy”. Hope this helps.


Used 93% lean ground turkey. It was fine -- lean and lower-cal. Had beautiful, very ripe local peaches. It took 4 of them to make 2 cups of chopped peaches. I made the sauce as per the recipe, and I did not find it runny at all. Quite the opposite. The wine and water evaporated, and it got rather dry. I wanted more sauce, so the next time I will actually double the ingredients (peaches, wine, water) for the sauce. Overall, meatballs had good flavor and it was fairly easy to make.


I think this would also be good with mango! It could be mimicking the flavors of mango chutney.

Tim Carroll

Excellent. I used nectarines instead of peaches. Served over coconut rice with snap peas on the side. Will definitely make again!

Justice for Cumin

In my experience, cumin while being very pungent on its own falls into the background in most dishes and plays an amazing supporting role. It makes flavors more robust and while I can hardly put my finger on what its flavor IS exactly, I know that dishes calling for it are exemplary. Toasted cumin seed is delicious too.


This recipe is missing something.... the sauce definitely needs more salt, but maybe some sugar, or fish sauce or something to add umami? As is it tastes like warmed up peach juice. The meatballs also need some kind of binding agent, like an egg. Great concept, missing some things.

Sara and Rush

We have substituted mangos for peaches when peaches aren’t available. Equally delicious! Mangos just usually need a bit longer to break down.


I’ve made this 4 times this year! My husband loves it too. I double the amount of peaches, and adjust the amount of wine and water, depending on the ripeness of the peaches. If they are soft, I use just a bit more wine and water. If hard, more wine and water are necessary. If I make them with ground chicken, I add an egg to the meat mixture. I use less oil to brown the meat with pork. I also am more assertive with the aromatics. I love this app!


I've made this twice now. First time for 3 people. Second time for 8 people. First time I browned meatballs in skillet. Second time I baked meatballs to save time. MUCH better skillet cooked. Also, make sure to use ripe or over ripe peaches if using fresh.

Isaac K

Probably takes closer to 45-50 minutes when you factor in prep, making the meatballs, etc. But delicious! Added in a minced Serrano pepper with the onions for a little extra heat and topped with thyme as I had depleted my basil. Served over basmati rice, will absolutely make again


Don’t use any salt if using cooking wine because that end of itself is pretty darn salty!

Erik Anestad

This dish is delicious!I made a few changes -In a bow I added the panko,ginger,garlic, cumin, salt, pepper (not listed), basil, and 1/3 of a cup of cream (not listed) and let the mix gel together for about 10 minutes, then mixed it in with the meat. This keep the meatball better together. I then browned he meatballs separately in in pan and set aside.I used 1/2 cup of white wine. The meatballs were added to the peaches to warm, before serving.


Used ground turkey breast & added red wine, a splash of soy sauce, and some chili crisp. Served over a momof*cku noodle. Definitely needed the spice and the umami. Not bad but not sure I'll be making again.


Wonderful flavors and a great recipe for using the garden basil. I served it with coconut rice. Also added a bit of cayenne to the meat and the sauce while simmering. It was a hit! I soaked also garnished with some thinly sliced red onions that I had soaked in lime juice.


Delicious! Used frozen peaches which worked great (no ripe ones available). I’d make more sauce next time.

MC Majumdar

These meatballs fell apart while cooking (particularly while turning them for browning) so on my third try, I added one beaten egg to the meatball mix. Now they hold together and look as good as they taste.


Easy, and the peach sauce was wonderful. But the meatballs were only "meh", and I would probably used sliced sausage next time, as another poster recommended.


I had a great crop of top notch peaches and thought this would be a great recipe. Used ground chicken breast, perhaps that was part of the issue. Limp texture to the meatballs, rather too sweet sauce with the peaches (though wonderful on their own). Perhaps with pork as the protein, fewer peaches (or sub apricots), and a bit of chili to cut the sweet?

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch)

Great recipe! Loved everything about this one.


Great flavor! Made them with turkey and they were excellent! One change I did do was I minced the onions and added them to the dish after the peaches and meatballs had already been cooking covered for about five minutes. With the onions, added them and cooked the whole thing, covered, for five minutes more. Made the onions softer and more incorporated into the peaches like a chutney. May add some crushed red pepper the next time I make this, but it didn't need it.


I followed the recipe exactly. It was delicious! Onions and lime juice at the end are key. Maybe red pepper flakes or a jalapeño would be nice addition for heat to counter the sweetness of the peaches.

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Skillet Meatballs With Peaches, Basil and Lime Recipe (2024)
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